The Warmth of Wood

Made in Lebanon


Timeless designs and pieces are the best additions and accents to any space, and wood has proven to be the essence of this concept.

Contemporary & Sleek

Farah Design uses wood as the main material in so many creative ways to make pieces of furniture, accessories and many more products all the while combining the timelessness of wood with contemporary and sleek designs.


Farah’s work is characterized by the art of applying pieces of veneer to a structure, forming beautiful decorative and unique patterns. Advanced technology, professional craftsmanship, and unlimited creativity are the heart and soul of the company, giving each and every creation the power to spread warmth and love in any space.


Farah Design blends traditional furniture making skills with marquetry techniques creating stylish and contemporary items. There are no identical pieces due to the nature of the veneering and hand cutting process, making each piece completely unique.

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